VA Creating a Visual Narrative in a Single Frame (837)
Guest Artist, Ann George

Computer Lab
Saturday & Sunday, April 25 - 26, 2020
9am - 5 pm / Two days
$195 /Members $175
$50 cancellation fee. No refunds after April 10

Ann George will help you develop the Photoshop skills needed to create mood, expression and meaning into your photographs. This workshop will guide you onto a pathway of magical realism, dreamy landscapes and visual narratives. Using Photoshop, you will take your photographs to another level of mastery and creation. Starting with a selection of images, using layering, masking and blending to construct a narrative into a single image. Ann will walk you through her intuitive process as the class progresses. If you have an idea, you can sketch it out in your mind s eye and accomplish your vision through this workshop. Transform images of one sort into another visualized world. Participants must have a working knowledge of photoshop. Ann's website; https://www.anngeorgephotography.com/
This workshop is subsidized by the Lois and Jim Richmond Workshop Fund.


UPCOMING: Photogravure Workshop
Shreveport, Louisiana


Bask in the hospitality of the Deep South 


In this workshop you will gain hands-on knowledge by preparing your digital photographs, printing positives, exposing the polymer plate, along with intaglio inking and wiping techniques. Each student will produce works of art to take home. Class discussion and guidance will be ongoing from concept to completion.  


Workshop Fee: $1300.00 with $500 deposit to reserve your place. Payment due (to be announced) - Includes: 2 photogravure plates and all other supplies. If time permits students can purchase additional plates. Dates and Lodging info To Be Announced Soon.




For more information please contact ann@anngeorgephotography.com | 318.210.9083


* Also available also  for private one on one instruction in photogravure process                                                   

"Taking Flight 2015"
where: Shreveport, Louisiana

when: JUNE 26 - JUNE 29


A photographic retreat to feed your creativity with inspiration and technique. Bask in the hospitality of the deep south, and the ambience of a lovely country home. A carriage house studio, poolhouse, courtyard dining, small lake, rambling stream and woods will be your classroom. 


Unique portraiture and model shoots using vintage gowns and clothing. Discussion and guidance from concept through completion in Polymer photogravure printmaking, goldleaf printing and other post-processes such as photoshop, collage/varnish, encaustics, paints, glazes & mixed media. You will stay at Ann George's beautiful 5 acre historic home designed by famous architect, A. Hayes Town and is listed on the Louisiana Historic Register.



A big thank you for such a well planned, organized, FUN, creative, high ENERGY WORKSHOP!

I’ve never worked so hard & been so productive. AWESOME, AWESOME!!! There was such a high level of artist. I was honored to be a part of the week. 


hope k.

abbe g.

My thoughts are too hard to express on paper. This workshop was beyond my wildest dreams. The talent & knowledge you generously shared, your home, hospitality was exceptional. My dream would be for every year, this very group would come back here. Call it, “SAME TIME, SAME PLACE,” and we can learn more & see where we have gone, learned, accomplished and be together again. 

lacey w.

Everything about this workshop has been wonderful. The people, the education, the food, the setting, just perfect. I am so inspired  by this workshop. Above all, it has influenced me to let go of my fear. I truly feel ready to take flight. 

irene s.

This workshop was an incredible journey and one that really can’t end because each of us has taken flight. We were filled with creativity, instruction, friendship, and encouragement; all of which will keep us growing and flying.



1. Amazing people who all shared so much from the three of you,      the participants and all of the models and assistants.  

2. Introduction to new techniques and ways of working.

3. An amazing venue.



Al DaValle

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. It was terrific!!  I learned a ton and you made me feel so welcome and loved!!!"

"It doesn't get any better than this!!!  The quality of the instruction is without peer. Joyce, Ann and Scarlett are each wonderfully talented, generous, kind and excellent teachers. The students are talented and inspirational. The hospitality is...well....Southern with a capital S. And the facilities are warm, welcoming, beautiful and extraordinarily stimulating to the creative senses. Highly recommended!"