Flight Behavior

Recently, I became visually interested in color photography. Instead of gravitating towards the pure form of black-and-white and monochromatic works, I found myself dipping into vats of color.


As this was a departure for me, I felt it was a path I wanted to explore, but at a risk. Any new visual concept or idea I generated through color must consistently preserve a sense of familiarity and conceptual allegories associated with my monochromatic work.


Using color in subdued tones and low contrast palettes, I found I could bridge the gap and find comfort in color by using it to expand my visual narratives.


I find this expression of color elicits both cultural and psychological associations symbolic of ideas, concepts, and stories that i wish to tell. I have discovered that color is a potent element of visual communication. Exploiting its values and tones has immersed my artistic eye into endless possibilities and perspectives.