Ann George is an internationally award winning visual artist who has participated in exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad. She has been published in multiple periodicals and books and has lectured in the United States as well as in Canada. Critics have commented that her photographic approach is mysterious and poetic and continues a pictorial tradition important in the history of photography.


In an effort to create images that reflect a sense of nostalgia, George blends modern Photoshop techniques, oils, glazes, and waxes to create texture and depth. She melds pixels, paper, ink and paint to create compelling photographic fusions that celebrate her native Louisiana as well as people, places and stories that move her.


Using traditional and alternative photography processes, George portrays the role of inspirational storyteller through imagery and looks for ways to satisfy her vintage eye in the camera, computer, printing, as well as in the paint.

 I  grew up with people and places that grounded my roots deep into the southern soil and my heart into Louisiana’s personality I sense the South, within its old things that still have purpose, in its soft blanket of pine straw beneath my feet and its suffocating summer nights and in the storytelling beneath its branches of culture and history. These southern memories will always be part of who I am and the work I do. I utilize photography for more than a means l to capture a moment in time, but as a voice to capture a movement through time. I desire to describe a journey, a fairytale, a feeling of progression through and to something and it propels my artist eye to such a beginning and an end."